Most Guys Are Losers

(And How to Find a Winner)

Dating Wit & Wisdom from Your Dad

By: Mark Berzins

Why Read My Book?

As one of the largest bar operators in the Rocky Mountains, I have seen firsthand the wreckage of a thousand failed relationships…most of them caused by men. So what advice about men would I give to my own daughters as they head off to college and out into the adult dating world? First, I would have to be brutally honest – things are not that rosy out there. Most men are Losers. Next, I would need to provide a road map for success – Good Men are out there. There is hope. Finally, I would write it down so I could be much more frank than I could ever be in conversation. Well, I did just that. Then I gave it to my oldest daughter for her high school graduation. When my middle daughter was slated to graduate this spring, I decided to publish it. Here it is.

Single women head out into the dating world every day full of hope. They should be more cautious. Men, especially the Losers, are the single largest threat to their physical and mental well-being. All women, but young women in particular, need to be better informed and a little more careful. The cautionary tales are out there (recent NFL abuse scandals, the “It’s On Us” Campus Campaign, Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse), but women don’t seem to be hearing from anyone whose advice they will heed. The men I know… the fathers I know…the parents I know - all want their young women to pay attention. They also want them to find a safe and happy relationship. Who better to deliver the message than a dad who has his own daughters? A dad who has seen it all? That is Most Guys Are Losers.